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While most of our guests would sooner go bald than allow a stranger near their head with shears or color, we have noticed a willingness to compromise when it comes to another service: blowouts.

Fortunately, there’s no need. In addition to the option of booking one at Hue with your regular stylist, you can snag a spot with a New Talent Artist for just $40. Christy, Zach and Tess can deliver the full Hue experience, at a wallet-friendly price point. You can’t trust just anyone with your hair—so don’t.

Here’s what sets every Hue service apart, no matter who performs it.

The Stylists

Whether you book with a New Talent Artist or your longtime stylist, you can rest easy knowing that whoever performs your service has undergone Hue’s rigorous in-house education program. This includes in-depth weekly training for New Talent stylists and ongoing advanced education for the entire team, ensuring that we can deliver exactly what you want (before you even know you want it).

For our New Talent stylists, this also means that they have access to Master stylists—including anyone else at the salon you may have worked with in the past. Your hair services should never exist in a vacuum. If we’ve done your cut or your color, we’re better equipped to deliver a blowout that perfectly complements what you’re already rocking. 

The Products

An additional upside to all that training? All of our stylists are intimately familiar with our product lines, Aveda and Kérastase, and how best to utilize them to achieve exactly the blowout you want—whether that means sleek, pin-straight tresses, bouncy, glamorous curls, or something in between. We can also tell you which products will help extend the life of your blowout, because let’s face it, nothing is worse than watching a style fall flat before its time.

Professional, high-performing lines like ours are only available through accredited salons, meaning they act as a seal of approval in their own right. We don’t carry the lines we do by accident or out of convenience. We carry them very intentionally, secure in the knowledge that they best enable our guests to love their hair on salon days and non-salon days alike.

The Tools

Using high-quality tools when styling your hair is every bit as important as using high-quality products. Unfortunately, because of the high initial cost, this is an area into which it’s hard to take the leap. The blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons we use at Hue are equipped with features including ceramic heating, which is less damaging to your hair, and ionic technology, which helps eliminate frizz. These not only protect your hair’s integrity, they also help your blowout look better, for longer—because short-term goals matter, too.

The Experience

You come to Hue for great hair, of course, but we hope you also come here for the experience. We want our guests to feel like every minute spent inside the salon is luxurious and relaxing—far more a much-needed break from their busy lives than a necessary addition to it.

When you book a blowout at Hue, it’s treated like any other service. You’ll never be rushed in or out, and we’ll never assume you want a standard-issue style that doesn’t necessarily deliver what you were hoping for. Your blowout, like your cut or your color, is tailored specifically to you—because you deserve what you want, how you want it.

Ready to book?

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been intensely craving that fresh blowout feeling for at least four paragraphs. Call 832.331.1119 to book with a New Talent Artist—or visit our site to find out what other Hue services you can snag at an unbelievable price. Your hair is our masterpiece—we wouldn’t entrust it to just anyone, either.

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